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Coworking Library

   This project’s goal is to provide an interdisciplinary open online database in which all current and former research about coworking can be found. We provide links to the papers/books, but do not provide any files due to copyright restrictions. In many cases you can contact the author of the work yourself.
   There is an English abstract of all entries regardless of the language the publication uses. It is free to access the library as this project was made possible with the help of many partners.

Who are the people behind the project?

Johanna Voll and Carsten Foertsch have been actively working on this non-profit project for the past three years. Johanna is a researcher at the European University Viadrina, board member of the German Coworking Federation e.V. and coworking enthusiast. Carsten owns DESKMAG, the online magazine about coworking, its people and spaces. Together they curate and maintain the Coworking Library. Contact us to suggest changes or add information.

Special thanks to

Cowork 7/24 that developed this website with us,
International Coworking researchers, especially Alexandra Bernhardt,
Research Group Collaborative Spaces (RGCS),
students from the European University Viadrina,
European Coworking Assembly,
And many more from the global Coworking Family!

The Coworking Library Is Supported By Cowork7/24

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